North York Academy Advantage

Innovative Teaching Pratices

North York Academy promotes personalized, student-centered, and skills-based instructional practices to improve students’ innovation and creativity skills through many pockets of innovation. Examples include the Teaching and Learning Technology System and additional initiatives that further develop learning skills. North York Academy uses innovative teaching and educational technologies leading to the cultivation of student creativity and innovation and to enable our students to achieve high levels of literacy, numeracy, and digital fluency.

 North York Academy offers small class sizes in which students have the opportunity to directly interact with their teachers. We advocate an inspiring environment for students where they can learn, express and ask.

Individualized Learning Approach

We understand each of our students as a unique composition. North York Academy implements a personalized student learning strategies focusing on strengthening the student learning process by encouraging students to actively participate in fostering a strong learning environment, strengthening relationships with teachers, becoming aware of their individual learning needs, and identifying and applying learning strategies that work best for them.

  • Individual diagnostic assessments and counselling in developing short- and long-term plans

  • A large selection of courses that cover a wide spectrum of subject matter and scholastic levels

  • Accelerated or combined programs or courses to fit individual needs

  • Tutoring and supports for students who have additional needs

  • Small class sizes allowing for personalized instruction, responsive supports, and intentional programming shape and enrich each student’s experience.

Deeper Learning Environments

Deep learning will help students apply learned knowledge in new situations (transferable knowledge) and the development of new competencies. North York  Academy creates a learning environment rich in opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, and autonomous learning. Our classrooms focus on problem and inquiry-based learning, where students work in project teams focused on solving complex and authentic real-world problems while using and improving their literacy and numeracy skills. The deeper learning environments cultivate a number of knowledge, skills, and attitudes which are labelled global competencies.

Balanced Assessment System

Assessment of performance including assessment of 21st century skills is imperative. As many of the 21st century skills are not easily quantifiable, a Balanced Assessment System is in place to comprehensively evaluate students. Our Assessment System has components beyond merely a combination of unit tests, projects, presentations and final exam and include critical thinking, inquiry, and problem solving elements over the entire semester.

Comprehensive Supports

We understand that a supportive environment is critical to our students’ academic growth, overall achievement and individual well-being. North York Academy Comprehensive Support System is developed to provide our students with all-inclusive supports and assurances to their adventures and successes.

North York Academy Comprehensive Support is designed in six areas based on our commitment to support our students with every possible efforts and essential to student success.

Educational Activities

North York Academy considers educational activities complementary to classroom studies. They can deepen and enhance classroom study and extend beyond the walls of the classroom. They provide direct source of knowledge and acquaint the student with firsthand information. They provides the opportunity for students to explore and acquaint them with the real world. They help in development of power of observations, cooperative attitude, and participation and problem solving ability of students.

All activities are directed and supervised by our dedicated teachers. Students are encouraged to participate in all activities and practice their English outside of the classroom. We provide various opportunities and encourage students to interact and integrate with local communities. Our students will participate in:

  • Excursions/Filed Trips
  • Clubs
  • Local Visits 
  • Activities organized by Governments
  • Community Events
  • Seminars
  • Private Coaching if requested

North York Academy uses an simple application

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