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OSSD Course Tutoring

Our school provides after-school tutoring for all OSSD subjects

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Euclid Competition Tutoring

Toronto North York High School enters the 2022 University of Waterloo Euclid Math Competition championship.

Ranked 28th out of thousands of Canadian high schools!


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Enlightenment Art for Children

Target: Children 4-8 years old
  • Course Description: NYA Enlightenment Art Education curriculum focuses on developing children’s artistic thinking and artistic senses. Markers, watercolors, acrylics, oil sticks and other common painting tools to create high-quality children’s artworks. This course focuses on cultivating students’ interest in drawing and color composition, but does not require students to learn the rules of perspective and the Academy’s sketching curriculum, thus activating students’ artistic imagination more actively and effectively.

Main curriculum

  •  Color principles: Warm and cold colors, complementary colors, color harmony principles, color mixing techniques.
  •  Composition: Principles of composition, principles of distribution of points, lines and surfaces.
  •  Imaginative painting: The use of techniques to transform imaginary images into paintings.
  •  Children’s Painting: To use the knowledge of color, composition, and rhythm distribution to complete several pieces of self-created paintings.
Group of children sitting at the table with paints and paintbrushes and painting pictures at art class

Youth Professional Painting

Target: 8-15 years old
  • Course Description: The Youth Professional Painting class is designed for young students who plan to pursue art as their major and career path in the future. The curriculum is developed by NYA professional art student instructors who have developed a set of professional syllabus that integrates the basic art education and modern art trends in North America. The curriculum includes the study of Western painting schools, theoretical analysis courses from classical to contemporary art, systematic study of the Western drawing and modeling system and traditional painting techniques, as well as the use of mixed media in contemporary painting art.

Main Curriculum

  • History of Painting: (Renaissance to Contemporary Art): Understanding the different genres of Western painting, and the characteristics of contemporary art.
  • Drawing Modeling: Principle of perspective, geometric plaster, plaster head, human sketching, European academic school Balgue drawing study.
  • Color theory: Warm and cold colors, complementary colors, principles of color harmony, color mixing techniques.
  • Creation: Using the media and materials learned, exploring new materials for painting experiments and completing several independent paintings.
Busy female painter taking oil colors while standing near table with oils, working in art studio, going to draw sea landscape or portrait. Attractive young woman working on canvas at workshop

Portfolio Training

  • Professional Art Training Course includes basic sketches, master sketches, oil paintings, 3D animations and fun clay classes, taught by instructors with graduate degrees from leading Chinese and Canadian art institutes. Instructors have practical experience including participation in large-scale urban sculpture designs and digital character modeling work (independent modeling work) of Hollywood animation movies. Instructors have many years of styling work experience and rich experience in sketch teaching with rigorous teaching techniques.
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  • An outstanding portfolio is the key to successful application for a prestigious art school. It must be a collection of works that showcases artistic talents and brilliances. Even though without a dominant GPA, admission is very much possible. The Portfolio Preparation Guidance program is guided by instructors with background from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), OCAD and Sheridan to enhance the professionalism and artistry of the portfolio. Instructors have high artistic levels, are very familiar with requirements and standards of North American art and design majors, and understand different appraisal trends of admission officers in various universities.

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