Arts Training & Portfolio Prep.

Professional Art Training Course includes basic sketches, master sketches, oil paintings, 3D animations and fun clay classes, taught by instructors with graduate degrees from leading Chinese and Canadian art institutes. Instructors have practical experience including participation in large-scale urban sculpture designs and digital character modeling work (independent modeling work) of Hollywood animation movies. Instructors have many years of styling work experience and rich experience in sketch teaching with rigorous teaching techniques.

An outstanding portfolio is the key to successful application for a prestigious art school. It must be a collection of works that showcases artistic talents and brilliances. Even though without a dominant GPA, admission is very much possible. The Portfolio Preparation Guidance program is guided by instructors with background from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), OCAD and Sheridan to enhance the professionalism and artistry of the portfolio. Instructors have high artistic levels, are very familiar with requirements and standards of North American art and design majors, and understand different appraisal trends of admission officers in various universities.


Professional Art Training Course: 3 Hours/Week

Student Work

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