Art Majors

Art Major in Canada

Fine Art: In the past, fine art referred to art forms such as painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry.

Nowadays, in addition to traditional forms of plastic art such as painting, sculpture and printmaking, pure art also includes new forms of art such as photography and conceptual art.

Canadian Art Program Curriculum

Oil painting, sculpture, film and video, digital mai tais, sound, printing, performance, and painting.

The lectures are mainly a combination of practical and theoretical ideas.

Career orientation and employment prospects in Canada

Career Orientation

In terms of the general environment, the job trends of pure art graduates in recent years are: professional artists, art directors, art editors, art directors, and art teachers.

Employment Prospects

Pure Art is actually a very broad concept major, and the employment direction includes galleries, art museums, art centers, auction houses, painting academies, art institutes and other platforms, and can be engaged in stage design, freelance artists, curation, research and so on. And, because the foundation of pure art majors is very deep, so if you want to change to other fields are also very simple and easy to start, like advertising agencies, publishing houses, educational training institutions and other industries can choose.

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The average salary of art graduates in Canada

Artistic director: $64,256

Producer: $68,150

Art designer: $45,267

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