Fashion management

Fashion management in Canada

Fashion management is a major between business and art and design, and is essentially a management discipline.It mainly focuses on two aspects of fashion brands: one is to find out the problems of existing brands and study and analyze them to solve them; the other is to study a certain fashion brand and then formulate the development strategy of the brand in the future period. Fashion management covers a wide range of areas, mainly based on discovering potential customers’ needs and grasping trends, and promoting products and companies to gain wide social recognition through various aspects such as supply chain management, production line management, PR campaign planning, marketing, and sales strategy development.

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Career orientation and employment prospects in Canada

Career Orientation

Career opportunities for fashion management majors include: international brand buyer, commercial center buyer, brand product manager, brand promotion director, brand manager, creating brand collection stores, representing apparel brands, apparel designer, apparel stylist, buying consultant, etc.

Employment Prospects

Fashion management majors have a wide variety of positions to choose from, whether it’s starting your own business or working for a fashion brand company, fashion media, fashion PR or branding agency, etc. You can make the most of your studies. Each direction looks so attractive that you don’t have to worry about salary or employment if you study fashion management.

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The average salary of fashion management graduates in Canada

$40,000 to $70,000

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