Graphic Design

Overview of Graphic Design in Canada

Graphic design uses “visual” as a way of communication and expression, and studies how “visual communication” is created and perceived. Graphic designers design a wide range of products, from books to multimedia products, including CD packaging, film title design, icons, web pages, etc.

Students who are suitable for the Graphic Design program in Canada

If you like magazines, comic strips, novels with pictures, have participated in the design and publication of school newspapers, love color, and enjoy crafts, then you may enjoy this major.

If you are good at communication, have curiosity, imagination, creativity, critical thinking skills, organizational skills, spatial thinking skills, persuasive skills, attention to detail, patience, and outstanding writing skills, then you are well suited to study this major.

Canadian Graphic Design Program Curriculum

Color composition, pattern composition, packaging design, book binding, commercial illustration, design history, VI design, POP art lettering design, layout design, poster, printing output expertise, pagemaker, Ilustrator, Photoshop, Coreldraw software training, etc.

Canadian Universities in the 2020 QS World University Rankings for Art & Design

RankUniversityAcademic Reputation
40Emily Carr University of Art Design73.9
51-100Concordia University67.9
51-100University of British Columbia62.6
51-100University of Toronto63.8
101-150OCAD University64.5
101-150Toronto Metropolitan University60.9
151-200Simon Fraser University56.1
151-200University of Alberta56.1

Graphic Design in Canada

Because graphic design covers such a wide range of subjects, the content and focus of instruction can vary greatly from one Canadian university and college to another.

If you want to go into advertising in the future, then you would be better off choosing a graphic design program that covers additional courses such as marketing, customer analysis, advertising copywriting, media theory, etc.

if in the future you want to work in fashion media and interactive media, situational graphics board, computer language scripting, sound editing, interface design.

If your career orientation is planning and strategic development, then you will also need to choose a graphic design concentration that covers related courses such as team problem solving, systems analytics, business writing, management, communication, and information theory.

Career orientation and employment prospects in Canada

Career Orientation

Graphic designer, multimedia designer, web designer, illustrator, exhibition designer, advertising agent, packaging designer, design planner, pre-press designer for printed products.

Employment Prospects

Rapid changes in technology have led to a specialized division of labor in graphic design, and society is in demand for graphic design specialists in a specific field. Graphic designers in web design and animation are given the most opportunities, followed by graphic designers with experience in marketing and business.

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The average salary of graphic design graduates in Canada

Graphic designer: $45,266

Art director: $64,100

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