Industrial Design

Overview of Industrial Design in Canada

Industrial Design is the design of industrial products based on engineering, aesthetics, and economics, focusing on the practicality and beauty of the product and the overall environmental design of an applied art. It is a product of the industrialized society of the early 20th century. The scope of industrial design is large, simply speaking, from the smallest toothpick to the largest spaceship, as long as the product is related to human life, it is within its design scope. Steve Jobs, once the CEO of Apple, is a world-renowned industrial design master.

Canadian Industrial Design Program Curriculum

Engineering Graphics, Fundamentals of Industrial Design Engineering, Design Drawing, Product Effects, Graphic Composition, Color Composition, Three-dimensional Composition, Ergonomics, Design Psychology, Model Making, Computer-Aided Industrial Design, Product Form Design, Industrial Design Methodology, Product Design, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, etc.

Canadian Universities in the 2020 QS World University Rankings for art & design

RankUniversityAcademic Reputation
40Emily Carr University of Art Design73.9
51-100Concordia University67.9
51-100University of British Columbia62.6
51-100University of Toronto63.8
101-150OCAD University64.5
101-150Toronto Metropolitan University60.9
151-200Simon Fraser University56.1
151-200University of Alberta56.1

Job Prospects of Industrial Design in Canada

After graduation, industrial design students are engaged in design, scientific research and management in relevant professional departments of architectural product design, indoor and outdoor environment and facilities design, product packaging, advertising design, graphic design, display design, furnishing design, product development and other design companies, architectural design research institutes (institutes) or related enterprises.

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The average salary of industrial design graduates in Canada

industrial designer: $54,260

product designer: $47,462

draughtsman: $43,725

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