Interactive Media Design

Overview of Interactive Media Design in Canada

Interaction design is an emerging discipline developed with Internet technology. Generally speaking, when a person and a thing (whether it is a person, a machine, a system, or an environment, etc.) have two-way information exchange and interaction, it is an interactive behavior, and this behavior is the object of interaction design. Interaction design is a discipline that redefines how people and technology communicate and collaborate, with a certain scientific logic, but it is not just human-computer interaction in a narrow sense, but also permeates human social life, and exists in service design as well as organizational management. It can be subdivided into interface interaction, service design, product interaction, mechanical interaction and other specialties according to the distinction of interaction objects.

Curriculum of Interactive Media Design in Canada

Infographic Design, Fundamentals of Dynamic Representation, Interactive Media Design, Creative Thinking, Audiovisual Language, Prototyping, Digital AV Design, Fundamentals of Interface Design, Usability Engineering, Interface Design, Information Design Methods, Design Psychology, Information Design, Interaction Techniques.

University recommendation for interactive media design in canada

Career orientation and employment prospects in Canada

Career Orientation

The employment direction includes but not limited to interaction designer, user researcher, user experience designer, software developer, product manager, etc.

Employment Prospects

In addition, with the development of human civilization, organization management and service design will become more and more perfect, so the demand for interaction design will be great in the future.

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The average salary of interactive media desgin graduates in Canada

Interactive designer: $58,450

UI developer: $61,345

Interactive / Digital Producer: $52,285

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