Overview of Multimedia Design in Canada

Canadian multimedia design and production majors should have high artistic cultivation, master computer design theory and skills, and can combine traditional design means with modern multimedia technology, with innovative design thinking, systematic professional theory, practical operation ability, can be engaged in mass media, advertising design, corporate image design, music, art, drama, film and television and other fields of multimedia design and production of application-oriented technical personnel.

Curriculum of Multimedia Design in Canada

Drawing, color, composition, digital special effects principles, MAYA, AfterEffects, Premiere, creative design for film and television advertising, basic film and television choreography, use of Aauthorware animation program, Flash animation application, Dreamwever, etc.


The job prospect of multimedia design in Canada

Technical professionals: engaged in technical work from image and text acquisition, processing and publishing in TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, film companies, etc.

Professionals: work as directors, publicists, reporters, editors, etc. These jobs require strong writing skills; and strong communication skills.

Management jobs: people with certain work experience, engaged in management, such as production director, newspaper editor-in-chief and other positions.

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The average salary of multimedia design graduates in Canada

Web Designer: $48,686

Graphic Designer: $45,280

Digital Multimedia manager: $65,730

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