Music Programs

Music Programs in Canada

Most Canadian universities have a school of music, covering instrumental music, vocal music, conducting, composition, music education, electronic music, and many other majors. The music department at McGill University is one of the largest in Canada, with more than 700 students applying for the exam each year, and the music department at UBC University in B.C. is also very good, ranking in the top three.

Canadian Music Program Curriculum

Music history, musicology theory, folk music, pedagogy, aesthetics, technical theory of composition, and piano or other instrument performance.Meanwhile, the main focus is on practical courses.

The job prospects of music majors in Canada

The main focus is on art performance, and secondly, they can also work in schools, social arts groups, art research, publishing and broadcasting, film and television departments to engage in teaching, research, editing, criticism, management and other aspects of work.

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The average salary of music graduates in Canada

Music Producer: $59,230

Music performance: $43,710

Audio production: $46,320

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