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Stage and Performance in Canada

The major of stage performance belongs to the art discipline. The major of stage performance aims to cultivate senior professionals who have certain basic theoretical qualities and possess and master the basic theories and basic skills of performing arts, and can independently complete the creation of different character images in the performances of drama, opera, film, television and dance.

Students of this major mainly learn the basic knowledge, basic theory and basic skills of performing arts in drama, opera, film and television, dance and music, etc., and receive systematic education on theories, development history, research status, and basic training on business abilities required for professional work.

Canadian Stage and Performance Program Curriculum

Basic acting theory, basic acting skills, acting repertoire, art theory, and literary cultivation courses.

Main Discipline: Theatre and Film Studies.

Core courses: the professional direction of drama, film and television performance includes basic training of drama, film and television performance, line training, vocal training, physical training, drama (including musical) rehearsal of multi-act plays, film and television camera performance, speech and singing, musical singing, dance training, sight-singing and ear training, introduction to drama, history of drama, basic theory of drama performance, brief history of film development, classic drama (including musical), film and television opera Appreciation and analysis of works, etc.

Canadian Universities in the 2020 QS World University Rankings for Performing Arts

RankUniversityAcademic Reputation
34McGill University74.9
41University of Toronto71
51-100University of Montreal 71.3
51-100University of British Columbia66.2

University recommendation for stage and performance in canada

Job Prospects for Stage and Performance Majors in Canada

Canada as a North American film and television production base has seen the birth of many blockbusters such as Avatar, Wonder Woman, and The Avengers; all aspects of the acting field including: movement, voice, on-camera acting, improvisation, and off-camera voice. Ancillary courses include: film and acting history, scriptwriting, film directing, and career management. So in the future you can work in front of the stage acting as well as behind the scenes production, so you can say that the employment is very wide.

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The average salary of stage and performance graduates in Canada

actors: $43,700

stage manager: $47,560

theater production manager: $64,850

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