Comprehensive Supports

Settlement Services

  • Public Transportation Familiarization: Our staff will help new students familiar with Toronto public transportation system and design an optimized route between homestay and our school.
  • Bank Account Setup: Our staff will assist students in opening a bank account.
  • Cell Phone Plan: Student will be provide information on choosing appropriate cell phone plans.
  • Family Doctor: Our staff will help students find a family doctor who is convenient to access. In case of emergency, we will locate a walk in clinic or hospital for quick access.

Instant Connection

We consider parents part of our team who are dedicated to students growth and success. Distance will be no longer a barrier and connections among all parties are enhanced, thanks to nowadays technologies.

Real-time Parent-Teacher Interview (Translation provided)

Parents and teachers are connected via our designated software platform equipped with the cutting edge technology. Parents have opportunities to ask questions and discuss with teachers face to face. Free Interpretation is provided if necessary to facilitate the communication.

Easy Access to Report Card

Parents will be informed automatically about students’ achievements and performances by periodically receiving North York Academy periodical Report Cards. Parents are encouraged to contact and communicate with our staff and students for any concerns and suggestions.

Immigration Matters

Maintaining legal status in Canada is essential to each international student. At North York Academy , we will keep records of status of every international student and assist in renewal and/or extension of study permit and/or visa. Our professional immigration experts commit to deliver peace of mind for both students and their parents.

We also provide immigration consultation and design immigration strategies and plans for international students and/or their parents.


We understand what a safe and caring living environment means to students and their parents. We carefully screen homestay hosts for our students, including reference checks, criminal record checks and onsite interviews. Homestay hosts will include our students in meaningful family time including meals, conversations and comfortable living condition. This also means an opportunity for cultural immersion, attention to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, and proper care and supervision.


Our students are never alone! We provides students and their parents with 24/7/365 emergency support in different languages.​


Guidance Office at North York Academy empowers students by helping them develop skills they need to succeed academically and socially, and to manage life transitions. Individual and group counseling service is available to assist students with academic support, social-emotional skills training, and crisis management. Counselors can also work with outside providers and provide community involvement activities and referrals as needed. Counselors work closely with teachers to help students progress.


The International Student Insurance Plan provided by a third party is specially designed for international students who are attending North York Academy. The insurance plan is required for all international students and is designed to help them receive reimbursement for eligible expenses as quickly as possible.All international students will be required to submit immunization records from their home country.

Application for university

North York Academy Guidance Office will make all efforts to assist students to apply for university programs. We have latest and detailed information on Canadian and U.S. university programs and admission requirements. Our experienced professionals assure that all students are given the best opportunity for acceptance from the best possible universities. Starting from course selection, university applications are strategically designed to maximize student’s potentials and success. Group workshop and individual support are provided to help our students stand out from competitors.

North York Academy uses an simple application

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