University Preparation

This program is designed to enhance students’ comprehensive academic performances and skills to meet prerequisites for universities. North York Academy offers a large selection of courses and flexible curriculum schedules for students to satisfy their needs and interests.

This program has been developed for students who have completed Canadian Grade 11 curriculum or the equivalent (Students from China must have completed Second Grade of high school or above)  and who have graduated from high school and have already obtained a high school diploma.

Students will get Ontario high school credits for their math and English skills, and for their previous high school work completed in their home country. Motivated and advanced students are able to complete University Preparation courses within 4-6 months.

International High School Student Credit Transfer

Grade in HometownGrade in CanadaCredits can be TransferredCredits need to be earned Years to Graduate
Grade 8Grade 90303 Years and 6 Months
Grade 9Grade108222 Years and 6 Months
Grade 10Grade 1116141 Year and 6 Months
Grade 11Grade 122288 Months
Grade 12Grade 122466 Months

North York Academy uses an simple application

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